Kota Aban

Character Name: Kota Aban
Type: Young Jedi
Gender/Speices: Agender/Togruta
Age: 23 Height: 5’11 Weight: 190 lbs.
Dexterity 4d
Blaster d
Dodge d
Melee Combat d
Running d
Vehicle Blasters d
Light Saber 3d
Perception 4d
Bargain d
Command d
Hide d
Investigate d
Persuasion d
Search 1d
Sneak 1d
Knowledge 2d
Alien Species 1d
Languages 1d
Planetary Systems d
Survival d
Willpower d
Strength 2d+2
Brawling d
Climb/Jump d
Stamina d
Swimming d
Mechanical 2d
Astrogation d
Beast Riding d
Repulsarlift d
Space Transport d
Starship Sheilds d
Tehnical 2d
Blaster Repair d
Droid Repair d
Repulsarlift d
Secarity d

Character Quote: The force is strong, Use it for good

Physical Description:

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes X No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points:
Character Points:
Spent Character Points:
Control: 1d Sense: 1d Alter: 1d

Special Abilities:
Spatial Awareness
Believed Venomous
Group Oriented

500 credits
2 sets of clothing
R2 astromeh droid
Light Saber

Armor/ Protection Item
Armor vs. Physical
Armor vs. Energy
Dexterity Penality
Melee Weapon Light Saber
Damage 5D
Maximum Damage
Difficulty to use Difficult
Ranged Weapon
Skill Used
Rate of Fire
P.B.: Short: Medium: Long:
Very Easy Easy Moderate Difficult Very Difficult Heroic
1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-30 30+
Point Blank Short Medium Long

Force Power Record

Power Name:Absorb Energy Skills Used: C:X S: A:
Target Numbers:
Description & Notes: Power may not be kept up for blasters/lightening. Must be able to activate same round as blaster/lightening, and activated before attack.
Power Name: Sense Path Skills Used: C: S:X A:
Target Number:
Description & Notes: Informs Jedi if their actions/ future actions will lead them to the darkside.
Power Name: Telekinesis Skills Used: C: S: A:X
Description & Notes: Object moves up to 10 meters per round no additional penalty to difficulty. Can be used for attack but adds Darkside points.

Kota Aban

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