Character Name: Grozchit
Type: Wookie
Gender/Speices: Male/ Wookie
Age: 200 Height: 2.1 meters Weight: “Wookie”
Dexterity 2d2
Bowcaster 4d
Brawling Parry d
Dodge d
Melee Parry d
Vehicle Blasters d
Perception 2d
Bargain d
Command d
Search d
Sneak d
Knowledge 2d
Alien Species d
Cultures d
Languages d
Streetwise d
Survival d
Strength 5d
Brawling 6d
Command d
Climbing/Jumping d
Lifting d
Staming 7d
Mechanical 3d
Astrogation d
Beast Riding d
Space Transports d
Star Ship Shields d
Technical 3d+1
Droidprgm d
Droid Repair d
First Aid 5d
Space Transport Repair d
Starship Weapon Repair d

Character Quote:

Physical Description:

Move: 11
Force Sensitive: Yes No X
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:
Character Points:
Spent Character Points:
Control: Sense: Alter:

Special Abilities:
Climbing Claws, +2d to climbing (don’t use on people)
Berserker rage +2d strength
-2d to all strength
-1d penalty to perception
Reputation: Badage
Language: Grunts

250 Credits

Armor/ Protection Item
Armor vs. Physical
Armor vs. Energy
Dexterity Penalty
Melee Weapon
Maximum Damage
Difficulty to use
Ranged Weapon Bowcaster
Damage 4d
Skill Used Bowcaster
Rate of Fire 1
Ammo 6/50
P.B.: 1-3 Short: 3-10 Medium: 30 Long: 50
Very Easy Easy Moderation Difficult Very Difficult Heroic
1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-30 30+
Point Blank Short Medium Long


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